The Great Outdoors

  • 2006-06-14
  • by Jody Yurkowsky


Ah, summer… A time to kick back, relax and do something new. But where to go, what to see? To inspire your weekend trips this summer, TBT will highlight places worthy of your attention every two weeks in "The Best of the Baltics." These may be parks, guest houses, attractions or sites you may not have known about and are seldom advertised.

These lesser known gems may not be on top of the list of Baltic tourist destinations, but they are certainly places that will not leave you disappointed.
This week we look at the outdoors. Summer is a time to bask in the sun, take a vacation and, for many, get back to nature. The Baltic countries' greatest asset may just be their natural environments - treasure troves of untouched wilderness. With population densities far below those of many other European countries, one can really be alone with their thoughts in the great outdoors if they choose.

The varying habitats in the region provide an added element of surprise to the exploration of this area. Just when you think you have seen all the Baltics have to offer, something new lies around the next bend 's pristine beaches, dense forests, untouched dunes, expansive grasslands, murky marshes and mysterious moors- all here in one place.
So get out your camera, daypack and some comfy shoes and head out this summer in search of some adventure. But while out there enjoying yourself, please don't forget to be gentle to the earth -take only pictures and leave only your footprints. Have fun!