Looking at Estonia through the eyes of Mother Nature

  • 2006-06-14
  • By Zane Apse
If you are tired of the pace of the city and the worries that accompany our modern, technological lives, why not consider peaceful and relaxing weekend away from it all. There are many things that you could consider, but for a range of options that are sure to thrill any nature lover, one company on Hiiumaa Island has cornered the market.

Moonsund ECO has, for several years now, been working in the field of eco-tourism on Hiiumaa Island and offers clients the opportunity to spend an interesting few days on the Estonian island. Their tours will provide you wit both a new outlook on the richness of the area as well as a chance to simply enjoy the calm that can only come from a weekend in a remarkable part of the world.

The eco-company offers a range of activities depending on the time of year. In the early fall, take a trip out onto the sea in a boat and see the seal colonies. This is nature up close and personal. Or if seafaring isn't your thing, take a hike in the ancient Kopu forest with a local guide. In the winter, skate along the island's 326 kilometer coastline or try your hand at ice fishing.

The beauty of Hiiumaa and the animals that make it their home are amazing. And it is no doubt that no matter what time of year you visit the island, there will always be something new, for the feeling on the island seems to change with the seasons.
If you are looking for some more hard core adventure, you can give the Tahkuna adventure trail a try. This approximately 8 kilometer long trail will take you approximately 3 hours to complete, leaving you an entire weekend to relax and consider your accomplishment in the peace and quiet of the island.

Moonsund ECO offers complete packages with activities, food and accommodation for your entire group and can customize the tour to suit your own wishes and needs.

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