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TBT recommends - 2006-11-01

EstoniaTOKYO STRING QUARTETNov. 15 's 19:00 The Tokyo String

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The bottomless voice of Nick Cave

RIGA - If a cave could sing, it would probably sound like Nick: deep, dank, dark. Having only hea

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My Prima Donna Swamp Princess: 34. ANTIQUITY

I don't know much about Baltic paganism. Naturally, I came across many pagan terms and demi-god name

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A window to the stars

RIGA - Riga's Skyline Bar has a dazzling rival. As of this month, the University of Latvia observato

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Nov. 3 's 14The alternative classical music festival is known for its diverse music,

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The unknown Arrak

TALLINN - Surrealism is the natural art style of Estonians, someone once told me. For decades they k

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TBT recommends - 2006-10-25

EstoniaCANTINA CARRAMBACantina Carramba is arguably the best Tex-Mex

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Rock music with satire

RIGA - Ask any local music fan and he'll tell you: B-2 is one of the most prominent acts on the cont

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Winter's coming, good books are waiting

When you go to Paris, it's chic to read Camus, Flaubert and maybe some Lost Generation memoirs. When

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TBT recommends - 2006-10-18

EstoniaYOUKALIOct 22 's 19:30 's The rock musical "Youkali" is about the tens

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