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TBT recommends - 2006-08-23

EstoniaTARTUFFAug. 26 - 31There's nothing better than some good roman

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One night in Tartu and the world's your oyster

TARTU - The history of the musical "Chess" is almost more dramatic than the production itself. Sin

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Choir makes everything sacred again

RIGA - The State Choir Latvija is the best choir in the Baltics, according to General Manager Maris

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A new concert hall for Riga, dark and sleek

RIGA - Even the grandest buildings in Riga 's think the House of the Blackheads or Mikhail Eisenstei

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Whimsical Irony

Janis Zuntaks, one of Latvia's greatest painters, was born 100 years ago in Liepaja, and after a tum

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Dramatic music brings the opera to Estonia

TALLINN - Pirita Kloostri, an ancient church that sits on the bend of a river not far from central T

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TBT recommends - 2006-08-09

EstoniaTALLINN DRESSAGE SHOWAug. 11 's 13 's We often assume horse training s

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Hey Johnny, won't you come out and play in your empty garden?

VILNIUS - The newshound Robert Downey, Jr. plays in "Natural Born Killers" says, at the moment of ge

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Catching not catching

"It's safer than driving a car," explained my instructor, Stefan, as he checked our reserve chute an

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Nothing art in Tallinn

TALLINN - A man stumbles around a city block in Tallinn's Old Town, blindfolded by a hat pulled firm

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