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Hey there, Ingmar! Scandinavian films return to Lithuania

VILNIUS - Thanks in part to Ibsen and Bergman, Nordic films are not well-known for their light comic

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My Prima Donna Swamp Princess: 35. MELLIFLUOUS

All this time Arva and I communicated, mind you there was no small amount of linguistic trouble. Her

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Bulgarian rhapsody

RIGA - "In America, truckers don't have to cross borders, so there's more a sense of it being advent

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Out of town: KINO MINOS 2006

Nov. 23 's 26It's not that movies that are made to make money are bad. It's just tha

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Springtime for Hitler in Germany…

TARTU - Tragedy plus time equals comedy, or so comedians say. Has it been time enough for a comedy

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TBT recommends - 2006-11-08

EstoniaMARIA DE BARROSNov. 25 's 20:00 - Senegalese native Maria de B

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Gotta lust for life

RIGA - Being a member of Generation Y, I learned about Iggy Pop, the great satanic "godfather of pun

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Russian filmmaker comes home

Filmmaker Boris Frumin was born in Riga in 1947, and emigrated to the U.S.A. in the late '70s, where

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Out of town: SCANORAMA 2006

Nov. 10 's 30Thanks to Ibsen and Bergman, we tend to think of Nordic films as

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Black Nights for the silver screen

TALLINN - Almost a million people in Estonia visit the cinema each year. For a tiny nation with a mi

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