TBT recommends - 2006-10-18

  • 2006-10-18
Oct 22 's 19:30 's The rock musical "Youkali" is about the tension between heavenly aspirations and earthly chains. It's about the difference between love and lust. Most importantly, it's about rock.
More info: http://saal.ee/en/

Nov. 3 's
Anyone who says capitalism stifles creativity hasn't been paying attention. Advertising is an art form in and of itself. This exciting five-hour long presentation at the Riga Congress Hall includes the best ads from around the world, including some work from more exotic corners. This year, South Korea will be the focus. Five hundred pieces from Jean-Marie Boursiqeau's collection will also be on display.
More info: www.notikumi.lv

GAIDA 2006
Oct. 21 's 28 - International Contemporary Music Festival.
The Gaida Festival has inspired better, modern music in Lithuania for years. The festival presents the best music from Lithuania and the world at large.
More info: www.eb.lt