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Saulkrasti latches onto jazz tradition

RIGA - Jazz was commonly played, not quite legally, during the Soviet-era in Latvia. Still, the coun

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My Prima Donna Swamp Princess: 30. HABERDASHERY

As much as I was growing attached to the princess, she could still madden me like no other person I'

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Don't folk this up

TALLINN - "I walked into a room, and it was empty except for a man playing a contra-bass," says an E

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July 21 's 23 In all of the Baltics, Klaipeda probably offers the closest thing to g

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Ready to have a gastronomical time?

RIGA - There are very few comforts from home - home being a metropolitan center somewhere in the Uni

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TBT recommends - 2006-07-19

EstoniaDIANAProbably the best-kept secret in Tallinn. This local haun

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Paint it red, simply

RIGA - Everyone who has seen "24 Hour Party People" 's the film that made you a scholar of the '80s

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Latvia's second-oldest city marks first 800 years

CESIS - First thought: Wow, Cesis is celebrating its 800th birthday this week. Second thought: Cesis

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Out of town: BLUES NIGHTS 2006

For some, the blues are about acknowledging and then exorcizing your pain. Varniai town,

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Riga cafe declares 'I Love the '80s'

RIGA - According to VH1's "I Love the '80s," the Reagan era was a frivolous time marked mainly by su

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