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Police negligence outrages public

On May 28, an intoxicated policeman ran over a young couple at a pedestrian crossing in Siauliai and

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Minority convention finally passed

Intense pressure from the executive branch and a 13-hour session were needed to convince Latvian law

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Adamkus suggests that Uspaskich, Zuokas resign

President Valdas Adamkus finally put his foot down during Lithuania's most recent scandal and asked

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Two policemen reprimanded for monument vandalization

The chief of Estonia's national police force punished two senior officers in Tallinn for failing to

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Court fines Respublika for anti-Semitic artices

A Vilnius court on Wednesday handed down its first ruling in an administrative case over a series of

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Vike-Freiberga wants new strategic goals for Latvia

After accession to the EU and NATO, Latvia needs to identify new goals and work out a new strategy t

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TNK-BP executives in Vilnius for refinery talks

Top executives of TNK-BP, a top Russian company, met with Lithuania's leaders on Wednesday to discus

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Putin promises Latvians "a goose egg"

President Vladimir Putin criticized the Baltic states over disputed territorial issues on Monday. Wh

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Uspaskich promises to resign if commissions uncover conflict of interests

VILNIUS 's Economy Minister Viktor Uspaskich told national television on Monday that if ad hoc parli

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Russia prepared to return Estonian presidential insignia

MOSCOW - Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov said at a meeting with his Estonian counterpart on W

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