Adamkus suggests that Uspaskich, Zuokas resign

  • 2005-06-01
  • By TBT staff
President Valdas Adamkus finally put his foot down during Lithuania's most recent scandal and asked opposing sides 's two of the country's top political leaders 's to resign.

In a nationally televised address on May 30, the president said that he had lost confidence in Economy Minister Viktor Uspaskich and Vilnius Mayor Arturas Zuokas. Although the president did not name either politician, it was clear in which direction the wind was blowing.

"Recently, there has been much discussion about the mutual allegations between the two leaders of parliamentary parties. This sorting out of the political relations damages the interest of the state and the municipality, it discredits them in the eyes of the public," the president said. "Bearing witness to it, I address law enforcement institutions and urge them to investigate immediately the disturbing suspicions and to present their legal assessments."

Uspaskich heads the Labor Party, a ruling coalition partner, and Zuokas the Liberal and Centrist Union, which is currently in the opposition. The two millionaire politicians have accused each other of corruption and promoting their own business interests while in office.