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Businessman Borisov to have day in Vilnius court

VILNIUS - A Vilnius court was set this week to begin interrogating several witnesses in the case of

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Right-wing parties form uneasy coalition

VILNIUS - Paving the way for collaboration in this autumn's parliamentary elections, the Homeland Un

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Latvija in brief - 2004-08-12

The top three political parties according to July polls are all opposition parties - New Era, Father

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Riga City Council not to give school protests, organizers, breaks

RIGA - The Riga City Council moved this week to put its foot down on minority school reform protests

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Eesti in brief - 2004-08-12

Four spectators were injured when Ari Laivola from the Mitsubishi team drove off the track during th

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Free bike scheme set to roll in 2005

TALLINN - If all goes according to plan, a new form of public transportation will be introduced to t

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Ministers plead for more money

TALLINN - Tension around the upcoming budget talks can already be felt in the Estonian capital, as m

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Emsis unfazed by protest, Udre ready for post

RIGA - A group of Latvians vented their frustration over the recent nomination of Ingrida Udre, spea

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As a result of nearly two years of efforts by Estonian oil-shale chemical companies and government a

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Green light given to controversial dump

VILNIUS - Despite the protests and warnings, the decision to build a garbage dump near the Kernave c

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