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Rediscovering the Vilna of old

VILNIUS- Most people have probably heard the common reference to Vilnius as the one-time "Jerusalem

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Fly cheap

Riga and the Latvian tourist board must be laughing their socks off after getting budget flights to

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Don't forget Karelia

I was reading a short article about minority issues written by Janis Bolsteins (TBT#416). I couldn't

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Victims memorial approved

The National Capital Memorial Commission voted unanimously on July 29 to approve a site at the north

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When Valdas Adamkus was elected president six weeks ago, the political elite drew his victorious ret

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Seaside property skyrockets

If you own residential real estate in Ventspils, then congratulations! You posted a 50 percent appre

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In brief - 2004-08-05

DFDS Tor Line announced it planned to launch a passenger and cargo ferry service from Ventspils to L

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Forgotten fiber-optic cable awaits resuscitation by investors

RIGA - A high-speed fiber optic cable dragged across the bottom of the Baltic Sea from Stockholm to

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Town to take iron out of the tap

VENTSPILS - As many Latvians are aware, tap water leaves a lot to be desired. There are even places

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Airport welcomes improvements, airBaltic

VENTSPILS - Ventspils secured a major accomplishment in bringing itself closer to tourists and busin

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