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Group: no lower taxes

RIGA - A task force set up by the Finance Ministry said on Aug. 5 that it would not propose a furthe

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Inflation scorches Latvian consumers, new budget expenses worry IMF

RIGA - Inflation continues to dog Latvia, as consumer prices, fueled mainly by foodstuffs, edged up

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Company briefs - 2004-08-12

Achema, the largest Baltic fertilizer producer, was forced to halt manufacturing operations after a

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Taking counsel

Why do insurers refuse to pay?We all face different risks, and insurers share these risks. The in

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Cotton textile producer woos foreign investors

VILNIUS - Alytaus Tekstile, the largest producer of cotton fabrics in the Baltics, has opened talks

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Local food producers feeling the competition

VILNIUS - Since May imported foodstuffs have been squeezing domestic products from Lithuanian store

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Meatpackers brace for new cost

TALLINN - The launching of a new animal-waste processing plant in accordance with EU standards will

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Port welcomes new operators, mum on ferry

TALLINN - Port of Tallinn management said it expected a major operator to begin working in Muuga Por

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Latvian, Russian oil plans worry Lithuania

VILNIUS-RIGA - Plans in Latvia to begin offshore oil exploration and Russia's ambition to build an o

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Lietuva in brief - 2004-08-12

The Foreign Ministry has proposed revising the law regulating the status of foreign diplomats as som

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