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A (much resented) world language

Predictably, the French were furious. A national commission looking into the future of the French ed

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Armenia's destination: Europe via the Baltics

Ever since European Union accession, the Baltics have become a model for other former republics of t

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And the hits just keep on coming from Lithuania.Last week a Vilnius court convicted Russ

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Introducing the rising star of Estonian politics

The Reform Party celebrated its 10th birthday on Nov. 14, and the following day its top members nomi

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It's official. The populists have made it to power in Lithuania. The notion of a rainbow coalition b

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Looking out for human rights in Latvia

Ilze Brands Kehris is an expert in human rights who works in the thick of it in Latvia. She met with

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Learning the dangers of democracy in Lithuania

The fairytale about good and bad politicians, strong statesmanship, and sold-out principles in the q

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The strike called by Latvian anesthesiologists will hardly come as much of a surprise to those famil

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The upcoming demographic crunch

Possibly the most famous phrase by an economist is John Maynard (Lord) Keynes' "In the long run we a

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Leading the way for change in Tallinn

Keit Pentus became the face of the Reform Party during the first weeks of October in the recent shif

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