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The accusations leveled at the three Lithuanian MPs underscore one of the perennial, even mundane, p

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America: It's not always about you

You can never say this without hurting the feelings of at least some Americans, but it needs to be s

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New human rights challenges in the East

The Council of Europe is Europe's top human rights watchdog. It brings together 45 countries and sin

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Lithuania's new Cold War

On the global scale it is maintained that the Cold War faded away with the disintegration of the Sov

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Relations between Russia and the Baltics - primarily Estonia and Latvia - are worsening by the week.

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SEB and Unibanka: Squeezing the shareholders

SEB of Sweden, which recently received Finance and Capital Market Committee approval to "squeeze out

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The Four Freedoms!? Three, then? Maybe two...

What's known as the Four Freedoms - free mobility of goods, services, capital and labor - is a corne

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During the barrage of news over the past few days, one curious bulletin crossed the wires virtually

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Dismal political culture, but Lithuania is learning

Lauras Bielinis is one of the most high-profile political commentators in contemporary Lithuanian so

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Tribute to the imperishable memory of a Baltic soldier

At 2:00 p.m. on June 22, 2004, near the town center of Viljandi, the heart of Estonia, an event of n

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