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Dual motives

The People's Party draft law forbidding those holding dual citizenship from standing in the Saeima a

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'We must learn to trust people more'

In a relative way, Estonia charts a steady course. Contrasted to the unflattering presidential impea

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U.N. Security Council needs to be more effective

I wish I could begin this discourse on a more optimistic note, but since we last convened here at th

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Lithuania is up in arms over a recent television program, broadcast from Russia, that accuses the Ba

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Extremism in Latvian government

The foreign relations commission of the Saeima (Latvia's parliament) recently hired a new secretary

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'A party is more than just personalities'

Petras Austrevicius is widely regarded as the individual who literally lead Lithuania to the Europea

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The nomination of Ingrida Udre for European commissioner is increasingly becoming an embarrassment f

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Speeding up cooperation, integration and innovation

A squeaky wheel doesn't always get the grease it needs. Sometimes it gets replaced. It's up to ourse

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Problems arise when countries lack courage

Mart Laar is one of the few Baltic politicians who doesn't need an introduction. His name is synonym

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It is no secret that all three Baltic states are in the middle of a public relations war with Russia

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