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Local press digest

POSTIMEESUppity-Uppity-UpToomas Hendrik Ilves won, Res Publica lost. This is how one could b

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A life spent researching WWII horrors

As author of the seminal work on the Holocaust in Latvia, Andrievs Ezergailis stands out among Balti

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What a week it's been. Elections, voter disquiet, government instability... From Narva t

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A think tank to unite Estonia's Russians

While the Russian parties in Estonia continue to reel from their defeat in the last local and munici

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Latvia and the issue of double citizenship

I was born in the United States and thus automatically became a citizen thereof. In 1989 I moved to

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Baltic voters will go to the polls this weekend to participate in a unique democratic event. They wi

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James Lovelock, nuclear power and global warming

"Unless we stop now, we will really doom the lives of our descendants. If we just go on for another

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Latvia's European Parliament elections

It's hard to believe that we are just a week away from an important election in Latvia. In stark con

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Less politics, more business

Back in January, when then Prime Minister Einars Repse suddenly fired his deputy Ainars Slesers, the

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"I want to make sure than no body gets the idea to use [the anticorruption bureau] as a political to

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