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It's best to send the bad coffee back

When I first arrived in Estonia to do some research about education, I was very curious about how pe

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Thirteen years after the fall

In August 1991 Sergei Gorokhov was a member of the Narva City Council. Together with a group of loca

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Time to challenge Russia

To call South Ossetia a "rebel region" or a "breakaway province" of Georgia flatters it with the lan

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Few of us can comprehend what it means to be a member of a people or group of peoples that is slowly

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Local press digest

POSTIMEESArgument in the wrong placeAttempts by Agriculture Minister Ester Tuiksoo and Interi

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In the eye of the educational storm

The countdown is on. Sept. 1, the day the education reform program officially begins in Latvia, is j

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When stripped of its political aspects, the decision to discard Sandra Kalniete and in her stead nom

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Victims memorial approved

The National Capital Memorial Commission voted unanimously on July 29 to approve a site at the north

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When Valdas Adamkus was elected president six weeks ago, the political elite drew his victorious ret

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Mention the war

The slanging-match between Russia and Latvia gets messier by the day. The Russian Foreign Ministry i

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