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Deriving scholarly information from Latvians' suffering

Thank you for being present at this milestone, yet another one in the important work of the Latvian

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LIETUVOS RYTASNail in the coffinIn his events organized in the Rokiskis and Birziai district

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A historic day for Lithuania

Now that both presidential and Europarliament elections will be held simultaneously, June 13, 2004 i

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Open the files

The Saeima's recent decision to open the KGB files and extend the ban on former members of the KGB w

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The oil price

In Bob Woodward's new book, "Plan of Attack," he claims that the Saudis promised President Bush to r

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World food prices rising: environmental neglect shrinking harvests

When this year's grain harvest begins in May, world grain stocks will be down to 59 days of consumpt

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Doors are open - the ball is in their court

Artis Pabriks- Born 1966- associate professor of political science at Vizeme's Universit

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Chased into the corner

The move by the New Era Party to go after Latvia's current ruling coalition because it relies on lef

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Reconciling cultural differences: Baltic strategy for high growth

In today's Baltic states, reconciling cultural differences is more important than ever as a critical

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The defining image of the Vietnam War was the naked little girl running down the road crying, her cl

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