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Draft bill calls for mandatory residence registration

TALLINN - A bill drafted by the Interior Ministry would require that all persons living in Estonia r

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Politicians weigh elections differently

TALLINN-RIGA-VILNIUS - Baltic politicians were at odds this week as to how to interpret the outcome

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War of words mounts ahead of make-or-break EU summit

BRUSSELS - Key EU lawmakers warned Dec. 9 that failure to agree on the EU constitution would plunge

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Baltics' Russians support United Russia, Motherland parties

RIGA-VILNIUS - Russian citizens living in the Baltics came out to vote en masse in the Dec. 7 State

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Single-hull tanker causes uproar, departs from Ventspils

RIGA - An ageing tanker, the Geroi Sevastopolya, loaded with 50,000 tons of crude, departed from the

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Brazauskas: speed up impeachment process

VILNIUS - Fearing Lithuania's increasing isolation, Prime Minister Algirdas Brazauskas called for a

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Perloja teaches Lithuania a thing or two about independence

PERLOJA - "While we may be only few gathered here, the people we see today are the most loyal, the m

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Letter to the editor: Free the children

Two fascinating articles about Latvia's orphan care system have appeared in The Baltic Times in rece

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Latvia empathizes with Iraq

Latvia recently celebrated her 85th anniversary. Fifty of those years were spent living under Soviet

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Analysis: Paksas' Achilles heel

President Rolandas Paksas does not like the media. Nor is he very comfortable talking to a camera or

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