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New pro-Kremlin party torpedoes communists

MOSCOW - A new Russian party that analysts believe the Kremlin forged to steal support from the comm

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International observers describe elections as unfair

International observers said on Dec. 8 that Russia's parliamentary elections failed to meet many dem

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Parliamentary elections hand Putin unrivaled, 'czarist' power

MOSCOW - President Vladimir Putin will be able to do as he pleases during a likely second term, anal

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Lithuania in brief

According to the government statistics department, Lithuania witnessed its lowest ever birthrate las

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AviaBaltika accounts frozen by prosecutors

VILNIUS - Following a press release from the Lithuanian Defense Ministry last month that suggested t

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Latvia in brief - 2003-12-11

Composer Peteris Vasks was nominated for a Grammy for his String Quartet No.4 - which was preformed

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Man indicted for 30 murders in Riga

RIGA - A 26-year-old man admitted to charges that he allegedly killed 30 people - Latvia

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Nine new suspects to be named in digital TV scandal

RIGA - Latvia's Corruption Prevention and Control Bureau (KNAB) has asked the Prosecutor General's O

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Estonia in brief

The Estonian emergency line 112 received two bomb alerts in one minute on Dec. 5 containing informat

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Healthcare system distrusted, too expensive

TALLINN - Long lines and the high cost of medicine and medical treatment are the primary problems Es

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