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Lawmakers to crack down on supermarkets

VILNIUS - The Lithuanian government is drafting legislation that would impose tougher restrictions o

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Estonian Railways celebrates, defends against critics

TALLINN - In a mood that was half celebratory and half defensive, Estonian Railways hosted a press l

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Poland insists on keeping Nice vote deal intact

WARSAW - Poland has bluntly told Italian Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi that it would not modify t

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Britain may 'veto' EU constitution

LONDON - Britain has signaled for the first time that it may veto the European Union's constitution

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Chechen children still dying despite aid effort

GROZNY - Lack of medical equipment and supplies is taking a daily toll on children in Russia's troub

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Patten: EU needs guidelines for Russian relations

The European Union's commissioner for external affairs, Chris Patten, told the bloc's foreign minist

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Lithuania in brief

Foreign Minister Antanas Valionis met with President Rolandas Paksas on Nov. 24 to discuss the latte

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Liberal Dems rally behind Borisov

VILNIUS - Over 500 members of the Liberal Democratic Party, founded by President Rolandas Paksas in

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Paksas filling up vacancies in administration

VILNIUS - Deputy Defense Minister Jonas Gecas has accepted the offer to become President Rolandas Pa

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Police chief fingers Kaunas mobsters, president's office in probe

VILNIUS - After Rolandas Paksas won the presidential elections in January this year, figures of Kau

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