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People's Union rocks coalition boat

TALLINN - The Res Publica Party, the leading force behind Estonia's ruling coalition, held emergency

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Adopting change in outdated care system

RIGA - As soon as I enter the room, my eyes meet the jaded dark eyes of a three-year-old boy called

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Who's afraid of the big bad wolf?

While most of the Western world gasped at Russia's recent huffing and puffing at Mikhail Khodorovsky

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If Rolandas Paksas truly loves his country then he must resign. At this point, when it seems each ne

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Black Nights brings festive joy to Estonian film lovers

TALLINN - The annual Black Nights Film Festival in Estonia is one of the few reasons to leave your h

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Tele2 intends to sue telephone regulator

RIGA - Tele2 Telekom, a subsidiary of telecommunications giant Tele2, announced last week that it in

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Balts must learn to brand better

RIGA - With EU accession almost a reality, Baltic companies are becoming increasingly concerned with

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New alcohol sale restrictions mulled

TALLINN - The Social Affairs Ministry recommended last week to increase the age requirement for purc

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Assets frozen in digital TV scandal

RIGA - The state's investigation into charges of fraud surrounding digital TV picked up a notch this

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Paksas fumbling to prevent crash-landing

VILNIUS - President Rolandas Paksas' grasp on power has become ever more tenuous, as a difficult wee

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