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Latvijas Gaze buyback likely to flop

RIGA - Prospects looked grim for the outcome of the mandatory repurchasing of minority shareholders'

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Sweden fears invasion of Baltic workers

TALLINN - As Sweden's new foreign minister, Latvian-born Laila Freivalds, tours the Baltic states, S

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Company briefs - 2003-11-20

Snavesta, a subsidiary of the fund manager Hermis Fondu Valdymas, has applied to Lithuania's competi

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Sale of Ventspils Nafta closer to reality

RIGA - The director of the Ventspils Nafta oil terminal told a Moscow audience last week that the co

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Elcoteq to take over Tellabs' Espoo plant

TALLINN - The U.S.-based information technology company Tellabs International announced last week it

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On Kremlin mutants and sushi with Putin

MOSCOW - A scandal over the biting memoirs of a former Kremlin pool reporter has lifted the veil of

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EU defense agency aims to bloc's muscle

BRUSSELS - The European Union agreed Nov. 17 to set up a new defense agency next year to streamline

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Oligarch guilty of wanting honest government

MOSCOW - The end of the era of "oligarch capitalism," or rather a maneuver by Russia's bureaucratic

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Ireland seeks to mend trans-Atlantic relations

DUBLIN - Ireland wants to use its turn at the EU presidency, which begins Jan. 1, to put Europe's re

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Lithuania in brief

Parliamentary Chairman Arturas Paulauskas told state radio Nov. 14 that he supported a lifting of pr

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