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Duma ratifies border agreement

VILNIUSThis week Russian lawmakers ratified the 1997 border agreement between Lithuania and Russi

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Crisis draws nearer mayorless Vilnius

VILNIUSAfter weeks of political haggling and infighting, Vilnius is about to enter its second mon

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Winding down at postcontest gig

RIGAIt was the biggest party in town that night. The question on everyone's lips was how to get h

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Surprises, suspense fill Eurovision night

RIGAAlthough ratings of the Eurovision Song Contest 2003 held in Latvia's capital last weekend ar

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Journalism and juggling numbers

News reports often vary when estimating crowd sizes, but rarely as widely as reporting on the rally

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Sailors go for joy ride in stolen vehicle

RIGALatvian police said they may bring criminal charges against two drunken Belgian naval sailors

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Latvians leery of reporting fraud

RIGADespite the government efforts to rid Latvia of corruption, people in Latvia are still reluct

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Baltic ministers hash out pork dispute

TALLINNThe European Union said it was pondering additional purchases of pork because of the probl

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Prudent fiscal strategy adopted

TALLINNOn May 27 the government approved its main fiscal priorities for 2004 - 2007, with balance

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Mothers' benefits to improve

TALLINNThe social welfare system in Estonia, which has been in place since 1997, is about to get

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