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Kaunas - thriving drug hub

KAUNASWith Lithuania losing its battle to stem the spread of drugs in schools, nightclubs, prison

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Farmers threaten, state caves in

VILNIUSRelations between the government and farmers are on the brink of a crisis, as leaders thre

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Maneater's Lithuanian childhood to be filmed

VILNIUSThe world's most famous cannibal, Hannibal Lecter, is slated to return to the silver scree

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Skonto Hall secure for Eurovision

RIGAEverything has been done in order to ensure safety at Skonto Hall during the Eurovision Song

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Parts: Justice minister deserves a second chance

TALLINNPrime Minister Juhan Parts said on May 19 that Justice Minister Ken-Marti Vaher deserved a

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A Soviet-era tradition returns

TALLINNLabor and leisure camps known as student brigades - once popular Soviet-era summer getaway

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NATO enlargement to boost Estonian-Russian relations

NARVAEstonia will get along with Russia much better after joining NATO, Russian and Estonian expe

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Mass protest planned to oppose education reform

RIGAThousands of protesters are expected to demonstrate May 23 against the termination of state-f

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In Brief - 2003-05-22

Exclave leads Russia in HIVSome 4,036 HIV cases were registered in the Baltic region of Kaliningr

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Nuclear ambitions find new impetus

VILNIUSIn a surprise development, French President Jacques Chirac has pledged his support for the

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