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Terrorist attacks could affect NATO expansion

RIGA - Government officials in the Baltic states believe NATO enlargement will proceed next year, sa

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Baltic five condemn terrorism

TALLINN - As they exchanged vital information about political and economic developments in the regio

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Relaxing sound of leather on willow heard in Baltics

RIGA - In Riga's VEF Stadium on Sept. 2, a leisurely battle was fought between Latvia and Estonia. T

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Autumnal equinox festivities start in capital

VILNIUS - Riga is not the only city in the Baltics that knows how to have a good time. True, "Rig

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Baltic recognition

Ten years ago on Sept. 6, the Soviet government formally recognized the independence of Estonia, Lat

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Soviet theme park

Alyaksandr Lukashenka, a former Soviet collective farm director, has been reelected for a second ter

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Baltic index sinks on widespread weakness

The Baltic index and the Baltic List capitalization level took a steep dive in the outgoing week due

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Successful entrepreneurs are assertive

"For every person who climbs the ladder of success, there are a dozen waiting for the elevator," -

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Franchising: an underestimated way to success

RIGA - Franchising may appeal to entrepreneurs because of the seeming lack of risk, but there are se

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Falling profits drag economy down

VILNIUS - The first-half results of Lithuania's top 100 private companies do not show a recovery of

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