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Three foreign banks show interest in Lithuania's last state bank

VILNIUS - At least three Western banks have shown interest in the privatization of Zemes Ukio Bankas

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Itera weighs in ahead of Lithuanian gas privatization

VILNIUS - Itera, a major supplier of natural gas to the CIS and Baltic countries, has made its prese

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Telia may buy Sonera's holdings in Baltic telecoms

TALLINN - Rumors are spreading that Finland's Sonera may sell its holdings in Estonian telecommunica

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Balts go to Japan

RIGA - Government officials and business people from the Baltic states are currently flocking to Jap

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Latvian bank accused of violating consumer rights

RIGA - On the day following an announcement by Latvijas Unibanka that it would offer an automatic ov

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Latvian, Russian railways agree on communications

RIGA - Latvia's state-owned railway, Latvijas Dzelzcels, signed an agreement with Russia's Railway M

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Shareholders were made public

TALLINN - Investors and others can now get quick information on companies listed on the Tallinn Stoc

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Minister warns of economic slowdown

TALLINN - Because of the worldwide economic slowdown, Estonia's economy could soon become considerab

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Off the wire

EU ORDERS SALE: European Union competition regulators, responding Sept. 5 to plans by Swedish giants

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EBRD head lavishes praise on Lithuanian economic reforms

VILNIUS - Lithuania's economy is rapidly moving in the right direction, EBRD President Jean Lemierre

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