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Top official arrested for murder

TALLINN - Forty-eight hours after taking in Gennadi Ever, a member of Tallinn City Council and promi

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OPIUM TRIAL: The trial of William Hain, 42, a British citizen arrested for opium smuggling September

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Two Soviet OMON officers to be tried

VILNIUS - Crossing the border between Lithuania and Belarus at Medininkai one passes a monument to t

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NATO hopes unhurt by terrorism as U.S. and Baltics move closer

When terrorists attacked the United States on Sept. 11, Lithuanian President Valdas Adamkus was in W

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KGB names published as lustration law takes hold

VILNIUS - Last week Lithuania started to publish in a state newspaper the names of former KGB agents

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Ex-communist to lead Estonia to Europe

TALLINN - There have been gasps of surprise and groans of indignation right across the Baltic states

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Methanol carnage grips resort town at summer's end

PARNU - "The parents of my daughter's classmate were taken away by ambulance. Thank God the father i

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The wounding of the world

As fate would have it, I was leaving New York on a jet flight that took off 45 minutes before the un

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Understanding America's resolve

The tragic events in New York and Washington, D.C. have called into question America's resolve to co

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Under attack

Peace is over. Welcome to the unpredictable 21st century. The Baltics are part of the liberal Wester

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