Estonian transport minister at Saint-Petersburg conference

  • 2000-09-21
Estonia's minister of transport and communi-cations Toivo Jurgenson took part in the second international European-Asian conference on transport and transit on Sept. 12-13.

The conference is one of the most significant events in European-Asian transit cooperation and is held for the transport ministers and representatives of several international organizations, according to an Estonian transport and communications ministry statement.

Jurgenson focused on the opportunities of Russia as a transit corridor between Asia and Western Europe during a speech Sept. 12, paying special attention to the importance and development of the state's transportation system that makes Estonia an appropriate partner of the Russian federation.

The next day Jurgenson had an official lunch with Russian prime minister Michail Kasyanov and transport ministers from Russia, Latvia, Kazakhstan, Iran and India.

Aap Tanav, the Estonian transport ministry spokesperson, said the conference did not present any new issues to the minister. "But the discussion of transit ways from Iran and India was very active," Tanav said.

Along with the conference, the fourth international transport exhibition Transtek 2000 was held in St. Petersburg.