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Latvian customs procedure protested

VILNIUS (BNS) - After Latvia introduced customs evaluation prices on Lithuanian imports, its souther

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Latvia hikes cigarette tariff

RIGA - The Latvian Parliament hiked tariffs on cigarettes March 18 despite the claim by importers th

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Latvia may have fewer banks

RIGA - Latvia has too many banks. This is the opinion of analysts who say some banks have to go and

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The waiting game goes on

RIGA - Creditors of the failed Banka Baltija may not receive their compensation on March 29 despite

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Vilniaus Bankas calls off marriage to Hermis

VILNIUS - In the West, bank mergers make regular headlines. In Lithuania, it's the merger that did n

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Official resigns after drunk driving incident

TALLINN - State Secretary Uno Veering has resigned after hitting the car of a regional police commis

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Russian military in no hurry to leave

TALLINN (BNS) - Although they were promised apartments in Russia, funded by United States money, one

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Moscow congregation wins registration

TALLINN - Estonia registered the first Russian Orthodox congregation in the country March 16, a move

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Once they were children

The recent murder of three young girls in eastern Latvia has the country wondering what it can do to

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Police may have found missing priest's body

KAUNAS (BNS) - After finding what they believe to be the body of Kaunas priest Ricardas Mikutavicius

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