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Environmental standards will take time in Estonia

TALLINN (BNS) - Estonia needs a transition period until the year 2016 to bring its environment legis

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Giving the girls a chance

TALLINN - During the 1992 presidential election, an older female voter told Mari-Ann Kelam, an MP fr

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Off the Wire

BALTS NOT EXPECTING NATO INVITATION: No Baltic countries are likely to get an invitation to NATO at

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Missing the Cold War?

RIGA - The Cold War between Russia and the West will return if NATO expands to include the Baltic st

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A chasm widens at Ignalina

VILNIUS - If Lithuania had to choose today between Ignalina or the European Union, it just might for

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Investigating Nazi and Soviet crimes

VILNIUS (BNS) - The government decided March 10 to set up a secretariat that would coordinate invest

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Former Latvian resident accused as Soviet spy

TEL AVIV (BNS/AFP) - Israel disclosed March 11 that it had arrested a former Air Force technician bo

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Report details nationalism, racism

RIGA (BNS) - A Council of Europe report released this week said Latvia has struggled with a few case

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Crisis in Brussels hurts EU expansion

RIGA - The crisis in Brussels, following the resignation of all 20 European Commissioners over alleg

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Estonia's golden boy back on top

TALLINN - Seven years after he first became prime minister and five months after being re-elected pa

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