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Estonia, Ukraine iron out trade differences

TALLINN - Relations between Ukraine and Estonia will come through a rocky patch caused by difference

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Grand dukes poised to rise again

VILNIUS - In 10 years, Vilnius will look very different than it does today. That's because the year

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Christian Democrats push new agreement

VILNIUS (ELTA) - A new coalition agreement was signed by the leaders of the Conservatives and Christ

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Young and homeless in Vilnius

Hovering around run-down homes and squatter pads in Vilnius, Paul Beckman tries to shed some light o

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Priedkalns gets presidential nod

RIGA (BNS) - The council of the For Fatherland and Freedom party has nominated Janis Priedkalns, the

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Government invites Social Dems to table

RIGA - A week after rebuffing the Social Democrats' attempt to protect the local agriculture market,

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More scandal for the armed forces: Commander candidate connected to 'apartment affair'

RIGA - The post of National Armed Forces Commander, which has been vacant since the resignation of J

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Ship war drags on

TALLINN (BNS) - A Finnish dockers' union has refused to allow members to unload cargo from an Estoni

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Estonia to Sweden: Leave ferry victims alone

TALLINN - The Estonian government has ruled out any further discussion on the question of recovering

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Veidemann makes mysterious party switch

TALLINN - Progressive Party leader and Population Minister Andra Veidemann will stand with a rural

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