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Bank deal should smooth Russian trade

TALLINN - After Estonia's Krediidipank and Moscow Bank signed an agreement that guarantees money tra

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Latvian truckers need more permits

RIGA - Russia's decision to issue a limited amount of permits for Latvian truckers may cause smaller

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Parliament rejects bill on pork quotas

RIGA - An attempt by Latvia's Social Democrats to put the pork issue back on the table was instead r

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Energy company gets tough: Debtors warned, strategic investor sought

VILNIUS - The Lithuanian power company, Lietuvos Energija, is speaking loudly and promising the prov

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Eesti Telekom priced and ready

TALLINN (BNS) - The Transport Ministry announced the minimum and maximum subscription price for Eest

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Baltic Sea's hidden treasures

RIGA - A Latvian navy vessel successfully destroyed a World War II-era mine Jan. 22, but officials s

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Borrowing from Peter to pay Paul?

TALLINN - Reports that the treasury is having trouble paying its bills may be a sign that the Estoni

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Latvian women eating their veggies

RIGA - In a typical household in Latvia, women brush their teeth more often, check their blood press

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Independence distributes its fruits unevenly

RIGA - Mending a chasm opening deeper and wider between the haves and the have-nots in Latvia depend

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Skele libel case postponed

RIGA (BNS) - Riga's Latgale District Court postponed the double libel case involving People's Party

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