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Lennart Meri Conference to bring together current experts, future players

  • 2019-04-18
  • BNS/TBT Staff

TALLINN - This year's Lennart Meri Conference, entitled "One Past, Many Futures", is to bring together current state leaders, policymakers and renowned think tank experts as well as young future players from across the world to discuss foreign, defense and securi...

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Lithuanian leaders vow to contribute to restoration of Paris cathedral  |  President promulgates much disputed amendments to Labor Law  |  airBaltic top Easter destinations – Stuttgart, Odessa and Bordeaux  |  Proper financial supervision was ensured during crisis in Lithuania, ex c.banker says  |  Omniva to start forwarding international postal packages to parcel machines  |  Basketball association to request additional funds from municipality and government for organization of EuroBasket  |  Estonia, Portugal to start exchanging e-prescriptions  |  Lithuania's RTCL to evaluate Russia-24 violations, to decide on restrictions  |  Lithuanian PM sees minister's proposal on truckers' wages as compromise  |  Estonia: Repair of Lelle-Parnu railway section to cost EUR 6 mln  |  Thousands of customers interested in receiving compensation from Tallinna Vesi  |  Vilnius, Minsk discuss how to exchange info on nuclear accidents  |  Government action plan might be adjusted due to shortage of funds – Karins  |  Saeima passes 65 bills in winter session; Gobzems was most active in debates  |  Estonian experts to assist Georgia in assessing educational quality  |  Fazer Latvija bakery turns over EUR 25.36 million in 2018  |  Lithuanian govt to turn to prosecutors over financial watchdogs' actions during crisis  |  Juri Ratas may address parliament already on Wednesday  |  Russia, Belarus to make efforts to sell nuclear power to Baltics  |  Education ministry proposes four regional blocs with different requirements for the minimum number of pupils at schools  |  IKEA franchisee to form the digital development team in Vilnius

Political parties declare high campaign expenses ahead of European Parliament elections

RIGA - Political parties have so far declared EUR 360,543 as their campaign expenses ahead of the upcoming European Parliament elections, with three parties - For Development/For, Harmony and Latvia’s Russian Union – accounting for two thirds of that amount, according to information r...

Foreign minister expresses condolences to French people in regards to Notre Dame blaze

RIGA - Latvian Foreign Minister Edgars Rinkevics (Unity) has expressed solidarity from the Latvian people to the French people in regards to the first which broke out yesterday evening at Paris' Notre Dame Cathedral. In his Twitter account, the minister also pointed out to ...

Latvia and Lithuania disagree on sea border

VILNIUS – The bilateral agreement on the sea border was only ratified by Lithuania in 1999, the Lithuanian news website writes. Latvia wants to, to first, sign an economic agreement, explore an offshore oil field whose major part is in the Lithuanian territory and ...

Krauze takes over from Brigmanis as chairman of Latvian Farmers' Union

RIGA - Augusts Brigmanis was unseated as long-standing chairman of Latvian Farmers’ Union (LZS) as Armands Krauze was elected the party’s new chairman at a congress in Jelgava on Saturday. Brigmanis was elected LZS first deputy chairman by 91 votes, and Ringolds Arn...


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