AKROPOLE Alfa expands its range of stores and services

The shopping centre AKROPOLE Alfa has welcomed several new stores among its tenants – Frame Ģimenes optika, RoyalSmoke, Candy POP and soon...

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Latvian Digital Mind AS announces acquisition of Lithuanian ERP solution professionals Alna Business group

Digital Mind AS, a business process digitalization specialist for large and mid-sized organizations in Baltic states, announced that it has acqu...

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Internationally Acclaimed Artist Daniele Bongiovanni at the Klaipėda Culture Communication Center

“Era/Ηρα”, solo exhibition of the Italian painter Daniele Bongiovanni, brings together a selection of paintings repres...

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Scandium and Everaus acquired a unique peninsula in the city of Haapsalu

Scandium Kinnisvara and Everaus Kinnisvara acquired a unique peninsula in Haapsalu on the left bank of Suur-Viik. The detailed plan allo...

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Estonia-based GScan closes a €1.4M investment round to improve safety and efficiency in security and cargo scanning

TALLINN – GScan, a deep tech company that develops atmospheric ray 3D scanners for security and cargo scanning, is announcing a €1.4M...

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Ukrainian Social Policy Minister Lazebna arrives in Lithuania

VILNIUS - Ukrainian Social Policy Minister Maryna Lazebna arrived in Lithuania on Tuesday night, accompanied by a group of Ukrainian children wi...

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Lithuanian formin to discuss Ukraine war at  Council of the Baltic Sea States

VILNIUS – Lithuanian Minister of Foreign Affairs Gabrielius Landsbergis will attend the 19th Ministerial Session of the Council of the Bal...

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Estonian president stresses importance of energy connections for European security

TALLINN - Estonian President Alar Karis discussed with Polish President Andrzej Duda and Latvian President Egils Levits how the war in Europe ha...

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Russia has proven itself to be an unreliable energy supplier in the eyes of Europe - statement by European Commission and United States

RIGA - Russia has demonstrated that it is an unreliable supplier of energy to Europe through unjustified and unacceptable actions such as cuttin...

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