Internationally Acclaimed Artist Daniele Bongiovanni at the Klaipėda Culture Communication Center

  • 2022-05-26

“Era/Ηρα”, solo exhibition of the Italian painter Daniele Bongiovanni, brings together a selection of paintings representative of a ten-year-long research. The exhibition, hosted in the museum spaces of the Klaipėda Culture Communication Center (KCCC) in Lithuania and inaugurated on May 13, will remain open until June 5, 2022.

A pictorial research that focuses on the visually spiritual elements of nature (nature as land, but also as the interiority of man): a work that combines art, philosophy and a tribute to the concrete landscape, read through emotion; specifically the attempt to give what is ordinary a connotation closer to the concept of “sacred”.

Bongiovanni combining the viscerally sacred moments, gestural and otherworldly, created through the application of misty pastel tones and large areas of oil on canvas and on board, tries to bring to the surface, what often man puts in the background: the value and beauty of life and the earth, the non artificial values of all that we can define as living space, or simply a gift of something greater than ourselves. “Era/Ηρα” can represent, in its broad metaphor, not only nature, but also our present, a present that risks being compromised by violence, evil in a universal sense, and by the futile distractions of the contemporary. 

This exhibition, curated by Gabija Savickaitė e Darina Detolli, is therefore a visionary and dreamlike reading of our time, of life, of a landscape that we often promise ourselves and that we rarely allow ourselves; this path is portrayed by Bongiovanni not only with the eyes but also with reason and conscience, but above all through emotion.

In this exhibition you will have the opportunity to admire in its entirety (40 pieces) the pictorial installation “Promise”, already exhibited in a version of 20 pieces in important galleries and international museums.

Daniele Bongiovanni, an artist working between Italy and the United States, over the years has realized several thematic cycles which he has presented, in solo and group exhibitions as well as in special projects, in galleries and museums of major Italian and foreign cities; overseas but also in Ireland, New Zealand, Switzerland, the United Kingdom and elsewhere. He exhibited also in numerous international contemporary art events, one of which is the Venice Biennale. He is Professor of Artistic Anatomy at the Academy of Fine Arts of Macerata, Italy, and Member of the Board of Directors of the US research organization International Visual Literacy Association (IVLA).