Scandium and Everaus acquired a unique peninsula in the city of Haapsalu

  • 2022-05-26

Scandium Kinnisvara and Everaus Kinnisvara acquired a unique peninsula in Haapsalu on the left bank of Suur-Viik. The detailed plan allows the development of luxurious seaside villa apartments, a marina, and restaurants there. A dignified SPA hotel is planned to be built at the beginning of the peninsula.

Maido Lüiste, CEO of Scandium Kinnisvara: “The peninsula by Suur Viik is a unique place in Estonia, where a total of twenty low-rise apartment buildings can be built, with virtually all windows offering enchanting sea views. Due to the elongated shape of the peninsula and the established detailed plan, the houses will be located only 30 m from the sea, which means that the views will be exceptional both to the sea and to the nearby islands and peninsulas. The charming Haapsalu will thus receive a beautiful natural area with a unified architecture, where local people, and why not also holidaymakers from the capital and further afield who are looking for an elegant holiday home are welcome.”

At the beginning of the last century, a popular port was located at the top of the peninsula, where quite a few heads of states and important visitors have landed. The existing deep waterway will allow the creation of a marina there again in the second stage of development, making the place easily accessible for both Estonian and distant sailors. It is also planned to create a swimming area, a café and personal boat bridges for apartment owners in the upper part of the peninsula.

Janar Muttik, CEO of Everaus Kinnisvara “The Haapsalu project is truly large-scale in terms of the whole of Estonia. We want to reopen the area, which has been forgotten for decades, to the people of the city, so that it becomes a diverse urban space with a place for homes, summer resorts and many recreational opportunities - from health sports to sea sports and authentic food culture. The beautiful seaside location of the peninsula also poses some challenges - in order to protect the buildings from possible floods, we will raise the ground, create relief between the buildings and raise the apartments above the ground. The latter, in turn, creates excellent conditions for even more beautiful views.”

A special treat on the peninsula will be the elegant SPA hotel, which opens onto three sides and is right at the gate of the peninsula. The SPA hotel is planned for the second stage of development, but if a suitable partner is found, it can be realized earlier.

The WhatIf team, led by Juhan Kangilaski and Maria Freimann, has been an important partner for Scandium and Everaus in developing the vision for large-scale development. The authors of the architecture are 3 + 1 Architects.

Scandium Kinnisvara AS is a comprehensive Estonian real estate developer that focuses on the development of complete living environments where everything necessary for life would be conveniently close by. Green energy, sustainability and investing in renewable resources are topics that Scandium promotes in its daily work, which is why the company is a founding member of the Green Tiger representative organization. Scandium develops quality of life by creating inspiring environments.

Everaus Kinnisvara is a real estate developer with long-term experience, who builds energy-efficient integrated living and business environments with well-infrastructured locations with unique architecture and user-friendly planning.