Experienced risk management professional Eugenijus Preiksa appointed as Chief Risk Officer at EMBank

The team at European Merchant Bank, which holds a specialised banking license and has been operating in Lithuania since late 2019, was reinforce...

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Ministry: Minimum tax won't lead to massive exodus of large companies from Estonia

TALLINN – The Ministry of Finance estimates that Estonia's accession to the global minimum tax will not lead to a mass exodus of large...

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Riga to offer many new investment opportunities in following years - mayor

RIGA - In the period until 2030, Riga will offer many new investment opportunities, with the capital city's government also planning investm...

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Tallinn-based startup founder Otto K. Schwarz conquers Cannes

Otto K. Schwarz, an Estonian composer – his album “ A Living Flow ” was in iTunes top-10 last year – and a co-founder of...

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Quppy COO Alina Kornienko: “Dream big, accept and create new challenges to challenge this world”

Fintech is a realm of males mostly – so far, but Quppy, a multicurrency digital payment and financial super-app, is in the minority and st...

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Companies will be able to apply for tax deferrals, aid for working capital, wage subsidies

RIGA - During the state of emergency, companies affected by the Covid-19 restrictions will be able to apply for tax deferrals, aid for working c...

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Pioneer in the biodiversity valuation field – Tallinn-based Endangered Wildlife OÜ

Did you ever give a thought to the price of, well, the tiger, the moose, the deer, the rabbit and the other crawlers, howlers, whistlers and all...

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The fate of natural gas in the European Green Deal

The European Union has declared its decision to achieve ‘net zero’ greenhouse gas emissions by 2050. This year the Commission has ju...

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Estonia: Bolt sets up electric scooter charging docks in Tallinn

TALLINN – Bolt is installing electric scooter charging docks in Tallinn, where users can leave the scooter to charge after the ride is ove...

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