Estonia: Bolt sets up electric scooter charging docks in Tallinn

  • 2021-10-13
  • BNS/TBT Staff

TALLINN – Bolt is installing electric scooter charging docks in Tallinn, where users can leave the scooter to charge after the ride is over.

At the moment, there are nine Bolt charging docks available in Tallinn, which are located near popular hubs such as the central railway station, the Ulemiste and Mustakivi malls, Tallinn University of Technology and the Central Market.

Aleksandr Lilisentsev, scooter specialist at Bolt, said that the charging docks help improve parking habits and reduce environmental footprint.

"Bolt is the first scooter rental company in Europe to introduce its own charging docks. By using the docks, we spend less on day-to-day transport because our team doesn't have to pick up the scooters and take them to be charged," Lilisentsev said.

It also provides a positive impetus to improve parking habits and contributes to a more orderly city. 

"We are launching the pilot project in Tallinn, and next season we want to expand it to other European countries as well," Lilisentsev added.

Each charging dock can hold up to ten scooters. All charging docks are shown on the map in the Bolt app.

When the scooter battery starts to run out, the user receives a notification in the Bolt app that the scooter should be taken to the nearest charging dock. Users who leave the scooter in a charging dock will automatically receive a discount on the next ride.