Exhibition from the cycle The Generation

An exhibition of Daina Riņķe’s paintings, which continues the museum’s cycle of exhibitions The Generation, will be on view...

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Cassini & Waterflower sound performance

Sodų 4 is happy to present the new sound series Audiolaukas, organised in collaboration with Agharta. The first sound performa...

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Art Exhibition of Zolitūde tragedy youngest victim, Latvian painter, lithography artist - Daina Skadmane

A twin-sister Anda Skadmane is organising her beloved twin sister’s Art Exhibition, Daina Skadmane’s ART WORLD. 23 year ol...

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Debora La Grasse’s multi-media art exhibition “Where the Great Smoke Rises – Art inspired by Latvian folksongs” in Talsi

Riga – The United States Embassy in Latvia is proud to announce the opening of the “Where the Great Smoke Rises – Art inspired...

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A Lithuanian artist on show in Havana

The reach of Lithuanian artists has spread to the island of Cuba, where the Museo Nacional de Bellas Artes is currently hosting an exhibition of...

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Barcelona - a place full of discoveries

Barcelona is one of the most amazing cities in Europe - the combination of modern and ancient architecture is stunning, the climate is always mi...

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