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Hivax Investments Inc. is undergoing the process of voluntary liquidation

  We hereby notify that in accordance with Section 204 (1) (b) of the BVI Business Companies Act 2004, Hivax Inve...

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Residence permit of US woman who married Estonian woman valid until end of court procedure

The residence permit granted to a woman of U.S. citizenship who married an Estonian woman is to be valid until the end of the court procedure as...

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Wining & Dining Guide

Muusu Terase, Riga Muusu Terase is the youngest sister of Muusu restaurant, located in the heart of O...

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Movie Guide

Suburbicon (2017) – in cinemas from Friday, Dec 01 Directed by George Clooney and written ...

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Breakaway SocDems spread message to Europe about “radical left" in Lithuania

The Lithuanian Social Democratic Labor group, which has split from the Lithuanian Social Democratic Party and is headed by MPs Gediminas Kirkila...

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Baltic interior ministers: Schengen area will only remain with strong external border

The interior ministers of Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania at a discussion in Vilnius on Friday, November 24, said that the space of common free mo...

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The new Arvo Part Centre to bring visitors closer to Part’s music

Like those musical structures in Arvo Part’s music that reflect one theme in another, the Spanish architects, Enrique Sobejano and Fuensan...

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Forgetfulness is an incurable and dangerous disease

Grigory Kanovich is one of Lithuania’s most prominent novelists. He has been the winner of a whole array of awards, including the National...

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Taiwan’s experience in e-business: an opportunity also for Latvia

Speed and solutions adapted for it – this is the impression Taiwan gives you as soon as you get off the plane at the airport in the capita...

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Linnahall important for Tallinn and Estonia, but economic challenge remain

It conjures within the mind a crumbling Mesoamerican Mayan ancient square-topped pyramid, but the fading appreciation of Tallinn’s Linnaha...

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