Bitcoin as a payment method in your company as well - already today

  • 2017-11-30
  • Paid article

The number of cryptocurrency users is growing rapidly in the world and it is clear that this tendency is here to stay.  Today the number of users has already exceeded 15 million. But the options to pay with Bitcoin or some other cryptocurrency are limited as there are not enough companies that accept it.

AlbusCoin is a payment processing company allowing entrepreneurs to accept payment from the client with Bitcoin and receive EUR in their bank account. This is a possibility not only to expand the client portfolio but also prevent risk related to the constant fluctuations of the cryptocurrency value.

AlbusCoin also provides solutions for companies without an internet store or those that do not accept payment from clients with payment cards. In these cases, with the help of AlbusCoin you can invoice clients in the Bitcoin currency and just like with the online payment, receive EUR in your account.

If internet stores use the internet payment system, the Invoicing service is more suitable, for example, for representatives of the real estate business and real estate managers, as well as car dealers and persons who sell their product or service acceptance payment by bank transfer.

In the Baltic countries the cryptocurrency market is just in its initial stage and companies are still learning about the possibilities provided by cryptocurrency. Currently Bitcoin is a tool that helps progressively minded entrepreneurs attract the attention of both local and foreign clients because in countries like Great Britain, the USA, Canada, Japan and Australia it is very actively used as a payment system for products and services.

Development of cryptocurrency in each country depends both on legislation and the abilities to use it. And it is exactly the laws and national legislation that help this virtual currency to develop and become a valuable, legal payment method.

With their solutions, AlbusCoin are working to provide a possibility both for companies and private persons not only to buy cryptocurrency but also pay with it. Information about the possibilities of cryptocurrency is prepared by the founders of AlbusCoin Aigars Geiba and Andrejs Čirkovs.

For additional information about the services we provide please write to: [email protected]