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Russian journalist Titov asks Lithuania to review asylum finding

VILNIUS – Russian journalist Yevgeni Titov on Tuesday asked Lithuania's Migration Department to reconsider his application for politic...

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Active anti-smuggling efforts would trim Lithuania's illicit tobacco market

VILNIUS – As Lithuania continues leading the European Union (EU) in terms of illicit cigarette market, executive director of the Lithuania...

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RB Rail looking for 5 technical experts to support development of Rail Baltic project

TALLINN – RB Rail on Monday announced the search for five technical experts to support the development of the Rail Baltic project. ...

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Lithuania's share of working IT specialists among EU's lowest

VILNIUS – The share of information and communications specialists among all individuals employed in Lithuania has grown in the past year, ...

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Augulis: Several potential investors likely to begin due diligence for airBaltic soon

RIGA - Several potential investors are likely to start due diligence for the acquisition of Latvia’s national carrier airBaltic in the nea...

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Balts' annual inflation remains EU's highest

VILNIUS – The harmonized annual inflation in the Baltic states remained the highest in the European Union (EU) in May, Eurostat said on Mo...

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European Youth in Interfaith Peace camps call for the role of religion in peacebuilding

KAUNAS – Young leaders’ interfaith peace camps took place following one after another in Poland and Lithuania from June 23rd to July...

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Data economy guru says Europe and Estonia ahead of rest of the world

TALLINN - The European and Estonian data economy is ahead of the rest of the world, Alex Pentland, professor at Massachusetts University of Tech...

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Edelaraudtee: Estonia to lose comprehensive railway network

TALLINN – The Estonian privately-owned train operator Edelaraudtee said that the government's decision to discontinue train traffic on...

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Lithuanian court rules to extradite man charged with USD 100 million fraud to US

VILNIUS - A Vilnius court ruled on Monday that a Lithuanian national charged with defrauding the US-based IT giants Facebook and Google of 100 m...

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