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One third of re-emigrants disappointed after return to Latvia, ready to leave again

RIGA - One-third of re-emigrants, or 30 percent, feel disappointed after their return to Latvia and are ready to leave again, the news program o...

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Supreme Court: Conviction of ex-leaders of Lithuania's Labor Party reasonable

VILNIUS – Lithuania's Labor Party should have faced criminal charges in the bookkeeping fraud trial, however, it cannot be brought to ...

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So-called teacher loyalty amendments come into force

RIGA - The controversial amendments to the Education Law come into force today that, among other things, will allow sacking teachers for disloya...

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Three people die due to flu in Estonia

TALLINN – Incidence of flu has grown recently in Estonia and the first deaths of the season have been registered as three people have lost...

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McCain reassures US support to Latvia in strengthening defense

RIGA – US Republican Senator John McCain during his meeting with Latvian Defense Minister Raimonds Bergmanis (Greens/Farmers) reassured th...

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Diplomat Umbrasas appointed as Lithuania's deputy minister of defense

VILNIUS – Vytautas Umbrasas has been appointed as Lithuania's first defense vice-minister after holding the post in a conservative gov...

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Estonia's Defense Investment Center to become main contracting authority in defense field

TALLINN – The Estonian government on Thursday approved the Defense Investment Center becoming the main contracting authority in the area o...

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Saeima committee to review proposal to grant citizenship to Riga-born ballet dancer Baryshnikov

RIGA – Saeima today sent to the Citizenship, Migration and Society Consolidation Committee for review the proposal to grant Latvian citize...

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Saeima confirms Kalnins as chief of defense

RIGA – Saeima today confirmed Major General Leonids Kalnins as the new chief of defense. 88 Saeima members voted...

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Lithuanian parliament leaves reduced VAT on heating in place until next June

VILNIUS – The Lithuanian parliament has left the reduced 9-percent VAT rate on district heating in place until May 31, 2017, which means t...

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