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White House race: Great challenges, flawed candidates

The US elections are the most important in the world. Because decisions taken in Washington resonate throughout the planet and have far-reaching...

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Taking Trump seriously about NATO

A Donald Trump presidency would be a catastrophe for NATO and the West. Aside from threatening to withdraw the United States from the North Amer...

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Ukrainian government needs a nudge in tackling Crimean crisis

Ukraine’s future is largely dependent on the resolution of Crimean crisis. If our country starts the legal de-occupation of the peninsula,...

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Worldwide famous composer pays tribute to his homeland, Vilna (Vilnius)

The annual Tytuvenai Summer Festival has ended with a world premiere of a concerto for violin and chamber orchestra with winds by esteemed Ameri...

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The Kaunas Requiem born of ghost haunting

An ambitious and distinctly unusual arts event in Lithuania to mark the 75th anniversary of the Holocaust opens in Kaunas on Sept. 17. The Balti...

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Movie Guide

Bridget Jones’s Baby (2016) — in cinemas Friday, Sept. 16 The much-anticipated third inst...

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ESTONIA Sept. 9-11, Tallinn Marathon, Freedom Square, Tallinn Tallinn Marathon &...

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The stones of Moletai: The Shoah lesson in Lithuania

Aug. 29, 2016 has become a truly important day for the Lithuanian people, for Israel, and for all of us who do not know the past term for the Ho...

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Baltic, Nordic foreign ministries' officials meet in Riga to discuss current UN agenda

RIGA - Officials handling United Nations matters from the Baltic and Nordic (NB8) foreign ministries convened in Riga on Monday and Tuesday to t...

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Lithuanian seizes crowdfunding opportunity to fulfill his Columbia University dream

We all cherish earthly and not so earthly dreams, with fewer of us going after them. But Justinas Grigaitis, a 20-year-old Lithuanian with his f...

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