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Estonia: Parlt parties voice support of Kaljulaid's candidacy

TALLINN - Leaders of Estonian parliament's party groups this afternoon once more asserted their support of the presidential candidacy of Ker...

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Lithuanian govt dismisses chief vet Milius

VILNIUS - The Lithuanian Cabinet decided to fire Jonas Milius, the head of the State Food and Veterinary Service, the prime minister's spoke...

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Estonia: Suspicion of misusing Tallinn's money moved against Savisaar

TALLINN - The chairman of Estonia's Centre Party and Tallinn mayor, Edgar Savisaar, yesterday visited the Internal Security Service (KaPo) a...

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Estonia: Parlt party leaders support Kaljulaid as presidential candidate

TALLINN - The council of elders of the Estonian parliament favour Kersti Kaljulaid as a presidential candidate. Chairm...

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State lacks funds to finance family housing programme in 2017

RIGA - The state will not have substantial funds to finance the family housing programme next year. The government rec...

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Latvia should brace for upcoming crisis - Rimsevics

RIGA - Latvia needs to prepare for an upcoming crisis, warned Bank of Latvia president Ilmars Rimsevics in an interview with commercial LNT tele...

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Lithuanian diplomats to Poland: Vilnius will protect Warsaw

VILNIUS - Vilnius is prepared to protect Warsaw, Lithuanian diplomats affirmed in a message in the Polish media on Tuesday following a Polish of...

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Unity opposes Strelcenoks' re-appointment, blames him for classified info missing from KNAB

RIGA - Unity will reject Jaroslavs Strelcenoks re-appointment as head of the Latvian Corruption Prevention Bureau (KNAB) following the recent in...

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Estonia: Centre Party's Savisaar camp considers Loone's recall unlawful

TALLINN - The board of Estonia's opposition Center Party decided on Sunday to recall the party's secretary general MP Oudekki Loone from...

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Lithuanian opposition criticises formin over ties with Cuba

VILNIUS - Lithuanian diplomats’ desire to establish stronger ties with Cuba has sparked criticism from the opposition — former forei...

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