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UK to increase defense support to Baltic nations - Latvian president

Great Britain is committed to strengthen security in the Baltic States after the decisions made at the NATO Summit in Warsaw and to add to allie...

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Estonian court gives long sentences to intl drug gang leaders

A first-tier court in Estonia yesterday handed out long sentences to two leaders of a group involved with bringing almost five kilograms of amph...

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Lithuania: Prosecutor has questions for other MPs in political corruption case

The prosecutor in charge of a political corruption case involving Labour Party MP Vytautas Gapsys hopes to talk to other members of Lithuanian p...

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Lithuanians couldn't get hold of diplomats during Turkey coup - president

Lithuanian citizens struggled to make contact with the nation’s consuls working in the embassy during the violence in Turkey last week, Pr...

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Estonia will cope with expedited EU presidency if necessary - official

It is becoming increasingly likely that Estonia's EU presidency will be pushed forward and should this plan receive final confirmation Eston...

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Two more high-ranking officials fired from Latvian anti-corruption bureau

The acting head of the Corruption Prevention Bureau (KNAB) has dismissed Lienite Sikore as head of the KNAB Investigations Division and Martins ...

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Lithuanian cultmin calls for emergency situation over Gediminas hill

Lithuania's Culture Minister Sarunas Birutis is pushing Vilnius municipality to declare an emergency situation over the disintegrating hill ...

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Refugees in Lithuania learn to speak Russian faster than official language - intermin

Interior Minister Tomas Zilinskas has criticised Lithuania's refugee integration policy, noting that new arrivals at integration centres pic...

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Estonian MEP: Eastern Ukraine, Crimea must not vanish in the shadow of new conflicts

Worldwide attention to the circumstances in eastern Ukraine and Russian-annexed Crimea must not decrease as, unfortunately, nothing has changed,...

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Latvian-made cancer virotherapy medicine gets EU grant for commercialisation

The European Commission has awarded a 50,000-euro grant to Latvian company Latima for commercialisation of a cancer virotherapy medicine in the ...

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