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Estonia’s NOC chief: ‘Olympic preparation process was biggest ever’

Estonians may be called slowpokes for their Nordic character, but some of their achievements, not only in the e-realm, but sports, too, are outs...

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Counting medals in advance is not a good idea, but three to four medals for Lithuania is realistic

By the time you pick up this issue of The Baltic Times some of the Lithuanian Olympians will have cozied up with the Olympic living quarters and...

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New York Knicks stirs hoopla by claiming new buy, Lithuania’s Kuzminskas is ‘from USSR’

Lithuania’s plenipotentiary and extraordinary ambassador to the United States, Rolandas Krisciunas, has gotten involved after the New York...

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Allar Joks: ‘People’s wish to engage in topics important to them has increased’

The Baltic Times spoke to one of the candidates in the Estonian presidential race, Allar Joks, who agreed to answer a few questions. ...

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Estonia’s 2016 presidential race: No single leader yet on the long candidate list

The new presidential election in Estonia has become a vivid display of nearly weekly pop-ups of new candidates and their subsequent rants. Even ...

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Rio Olympics: Brazil mired in corruption brouhaha, athletes counting last days

BRAZIL - As the Rio Olympics approach, the buzz is engulfing the globe and the camera lenses are zeroing in on the best athletes in the world. T...

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Latvians in South America: The return of Kola, my grandfather

When I was a child I loved to go to my grandfather’s car shop and play with his box of tools. He was always very caring and never stopped ...

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Latvians in Argentina: Calle Letonia

On March 1, 2016, I had the pleasure to visit Buenos Aires, the capital of Argentina. Buenos Aires is a beautiful and active city where the old ...

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Latvians in South America – descendants of trimdinieki

Apart from having a population composed by the descendants of the Portuguese colonisers, indigenous people, and African Americans, Brazil has a ...

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A stamp collector’s quest

1962, Hook of Holland. From my extensive postage stamp collection the stamps from a country called La...

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