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Profit of Latvia’s Mols shopping mall grows

Latvia’s Mols shopping mall last year reported 4.389 million euros in turnover, up 0.8 per cent from a year ago, while the company’s...

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Chinese tea giant considers setting up marketing centre in Lithuania

China’s tea production giant Yunnan Dianhong Group is considering setting up a representative office in Lithuania that could serve as a ma...

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Owner of Zara fashion stores in Latvia raises sales, profit in 2015

Apranga LV, the Lithuanian-controlled owner of Zara fashion stores in Latvia, closed 2015 with higher turnover and profit, according to the Firm...

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Unemployment might grow by year end - Latvian government agency

Unemployment may rise again towards the end of the year, and will be approximately 8 per cent, said Inese Kalvane, head of the Latvian State Emp...

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UK’s European commissioner resigns, his portfolio to be transferred to Dombrovskis

Britain’s European commissioner Jonathan Hill announced his resignation on Saturday after the UK’s vote to leave the EU. Valdis Domb...

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Estonian Central Bank: UK decision probably won't lead to economic decline

While the decision of the United Kingdom to leave the European Union increases uncertainty, it will probably not result in a major decline ...

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UK decision to leave EU will negatively affect economic growth of UK, EU - Latvian Central Bank

The UK’s decision to leave the EU will negatively affect the economic growth of the UK and the EU, said Bank of Latvia economist Ieva Skri...

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Latvian startup Overly launches co-operation with Philips

One of the world’s leading producers of healthcare products, lighting, and household electronics Philips has launched exclusive co-operati...

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Estonian Nordica projects 15-million-euro loss for first year of operation

Nordic Aviation Group AS, the Estonian national carrier using the Nordica brand, projects a turnover of 50 million euros and a loss of 15 millio...

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EU provides 1 mln euros for Tallinn-Helsinki tunnel feasibility study

The European Union has allocated approximately one million euros for conducting a feasibility study for a railway tunnel between the capitals of...

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