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Merko: Baltic construction market to still experience unstable conditions in 2016

TALLINN - According to the listed Estonian construction company Merko Ehitus the outlook for Baltic construction companies in the near future wi...

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Zero-based approach to government budgeting

RIGA - A slight deficit of 1.0 per cent of GDP is expected in Latvia’s budget balance in 2015, and overall compliance with the European fi...

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Economy Minister: Minimum wage in Latvia cannot be raised

RIGA - At present the difference in wages in Latvia’s regions and central Latvia is too high, but the minimum wage in Latvia cannot be rai...

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Kazakhstan is involved in recovery of the Aral Sea

Within the last 30 years, the Aral Sea has lost 10% of its original size. The salt from the dried bottom of the sea spreads over the planet, inc...

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OECD urges Latvia to use its resources more efficiently

RIGA - Latvia has to make the most of its existing human capital, experts Paolo Falco and Monika Queisser said as they presented the Organizatio...

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Estonian minister: EU’s readiness to respond to failure must improve

TALLINN - The readiness of the European Union to respond to market failures and big price fluctuations in the agricultural sector must improve, ...

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Estonia: Elektritakso severs ties with Taxify

TALLINN - The provider of taxi service Elektritakso OU has stopped working together with the Taxify taxi booking service, accusing Taxify of hav...

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Lithuania predicted to reach Estonian economy levels by 2021

According to Danske Bank economist, Rokas Grajauskas, Lithuania’s economy should be level with Estonia’s within three to four years....

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Estonian businesses involved in Panama Papers scandal

The files leaked from the Panamanian law firm Mossack Fonseca show the company had seven clients from Estonia. The inf...

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Riga Fashion Week, flagbearer of a vibrant industry, suffers from government neglect

This year’s Riga Fashion Week (RFW) is fast approaching. But many Baltic fashionistas — who will descend upon the Latvian capital fo...

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